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First American Goldfinch

Whoopie! With my relocated bird feeder closer to the kitchen window (and newly squirrel-proofed) I got this great shot of my first pair of American Goldfinch.


The squirrel is making do with the spill.



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Salad Bowl

We have pretty cool springs here in Vancouver. We’re at the north end of the Willamette valley. Springs temps have see-sawed between the 80’s and the 50’s with 55 – 60 being the more typical air temperature.

My spring garden is limited to pots on my back deck. Here’s the Mache.


I still have lots of bubble-wrap from my move, so I used that to create a quasi-green house for the Red Sails salad lettuce.

Red Sails salad2009

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Tulip Time

A favorite spring jaunt is to one of the nearby tulip farms. My sister and a friend joined me on a leisurely drive to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm just outside of Woodburn, OR. It was a lovely warm day and the rural countryside was springtime lush.

The colors are so vivid in these crisp yellow tulips.


I ask you, does yellow get any lovelier?


These tulips are little bowls of sunshine:


This blushing beauty does not lack for charm.


I don’t know how many acres of tulips were in bloom while we were there. I’d guess at least 20 acres in countless colors and shades. Here’s just one view.


What would a tulip field be without a “little Dutch girl” …


As I was bent over my camera my friend, Yvonne and sister Nancy kept each other company. (We photographers aren’t always good company.) I ran into Craig Tuttle out in the field. No doubt his diligence and knowledge will produce stunning results.

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