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To Blog or Not To Blog

This post is somewhat moot as I have obviously NOT blogged for a few months now.

My friends have mostly migrated to FaceBook. More folks see your photos and whatnot there … not necessarily because they want to but because they happen upon them while they’re busy doing other things (to paraphrase JL).

Very clever on FB’s part. And I confess, I enjoy the accidental findings myself.

So this is just an acknowledgment of my limbo status. I like to photograph. I like to write. But for whom? And for what purpose?

I was either hosting vacationers or being on vacation myself for the month of July. I am currently recuperating from bunion surgery early in August.

August is a great time to recuperate. I can be outdoors and savor the smells and the breeze in the trees. The bees are busy doing their business. The flowers are making nectar. Life is good.

I can’t resist including this video from Anna’s Bee World blog , as I’ve spent so much time just watching bees in my garden:

I’ve been enjoying this blog lately: No Direction Known A young woman is cycling across the USA for LivingStrong. It’s a great way to “pass through” rural America.

I just finished listening to The Help in audio book form — which I highly recommend for the outstanding narrations and accents. You can listen to an excerpt here. I guarantee you’ll fall in love with these women.

Lastly, I’m reading Temple Grandin’s Animals in Translation and enjoying it immensely.

If you got this far, thanks for reading.


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