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Summer Nights

I’ve neglected this blog the past few weeks. I’ve been busy with major household projects and boosting the local economy with my plant purchases. 😦

My brother Tom and I tend to talk on the phone in the evenings and compare dusks. He’s in Ojai, CA. Up here at the 45th parallel, dusk is a prolonged affair.

I attempted to take timed photographs to illustrate the point. Of course this is very haphazard … exposure times varied, etc. I tried to pick photos with the least distortion.

At 8:15PM there is still lots of bright light on the trees and higher ground/objects.

At 9PM the sky is still quite light and there’s lots of visible color.

By 10PM it’s a very dark dusk … with some western light still visible in the sky.


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Of Weeds and Roads

There’s a certain intimacy in walking. You notice things that have been there all along like some secret. Like the sound of a tree falling in a forest when nobody’s there. You come upon things just merrily thriving in spite of, or perhaps because of their obscurity.

I came across these weeds on a walk in Point Richmond on holiday over the weekend. I couldn’t help but think of nature in a battle with man’s stamp on the world. It is easy to imagine how quickly our “stamp” would be absorbed.

Today I walked to the auto repair shop to pick up my car. My walk took me over Interstate 205. I was going to title this “life on the interstate” … it could have been a Japanese garden — it was so rich and varied.

It was unexpected and gave me a thrill. But then again, the sun was shining after a long wet spell … so I was easy to please. Even the marquee against the sky was lovely.

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I’ve been away from this blog for so long, it’s hard to try and catch up.  I’m enrolled in the local Master Gardener program, seeking a part time job (and training to be a Quickbooks ProAdvisor), volunteering and last week I had family visiting.

Where to begin? How about a rainbow across the street?

Fall colors are happening. More each day. Here’s my “Arnold Promise” witch hazel that I planted a year ago.

My dogwood and “burning bush” are doing their thing too.

There, that wasn’t so bad. Wish me luck!

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Amature Astronomy

Okay, I can’t seem to find any information as to which planet it is that’s so bright these days. The full moon has been very bright and has company to boot.

It’s not easy to photograph with my pedestrian camera.

The exposure was so long to catch the light that wiggles were inevitable. Plus, the clouds were moving at a brisk clip.

I think the planet is Venus because it’s so bright. But what’s this? An eclipse? It’s how this planet looked in my camera.

Hope you all have clear skies to enjoy the view.

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