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Mendocino redux

It’s been soggy these past few days. Not a good time to take pictures. That is unless dew-studded tulips are your target. (I got about 50% of what I planted — mostly due to my own ignorance of tulip needs.)

The following are a few bits and pieces from my recent trip to the Mendocino coast. First off, this heart-shaped rain puddle on the Mendocino bluffs.

Oh yes, we had 2 days of sunshine sandwiched in between drizzle. Another favorite is a new installation of tanks by 76 gas on the north end of Fort Bragg. My friend Rita and I had fun taking pictures when they were new a few years ago.

Here they are new in 2007:

Here they are today — 3 years later:

They’re still lovely shapes to me:

On the same walk (led by Ron) that passed by these beauties, was this lovely fence shadow … a blatant imitation of Ron’s recent post.

And another shot I took in the Point Richmond Ferry Tunnel to capture that yellow glow of Sodium Vapor lighting.

But I digress. Mendocino is a fabulous place to visit … and even live. We got lots of “sparkle therapy” and good times with good friends.


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End Post for 2009

I’ll be leaving again for another 2 weeks – some in Mexico. This will be the last post for 2009. I’ll close with a few odds and ends from my trip.

We came across these oddities on a walk in Ojai.|

Guess a metal-smith lives here.

We came upon this beauty in Santa Paula.

It’s a beautiful world we live in. Pax vobiscum and pax in terra! Have a great holiday and new year.

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A Little Piece of Eden

The Ventura-Oxnard alluvial fan is a rich agricultural Eden! Those green patches are largely agricultural — sadly, being greedily encroached upon by housing.

Besides citrus orchards, there are sprawling acres of strawberries, artichokes an celery — to name a few. They all seem to be in perpetual harvest and renewal. We drove out among the fields for a walk. There are miles of very flat off-highway roads and paths ideal for walking or biking.

Those distant mountains have snow on them! It’s a rarity in a place where my brothers complain, “What? Another sunny day!”

Back at my brother Art’s place we “rode the dogs” for long rides through the lush semi-tropical neighborhoods.

Then we were on to my other brother, Tom’s place just outside of Ojai. Our first excursion was a quick drive up to Rose Valley to see the snow first hand.

This was another wet portion of the trip — at least by Califoria standards. This open storm channel was flowing at a brisk clip.

This is where Krishamurti ‘retired’ — and you can see why. Ojai is a lush valley nestled in a bowl of mountains. It it home to orchards of avocado, pomegranate, apricot and a vast array of citrus — whose perpetual blooms scent the balmy evening air. (Can you tell I love this place?)

Here the clouds lift out of the Los Padres National Forest above an orange tree orchard.

Another view…

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