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Camano Retreat

I made my fist solo drive to Seattle to visit my friend Lolli. It was a breeze except for the northbound section between Tacoma and Seattle. Yikes! There must have been 10 lanes of traffic. Nothing like looking in your rear-view mirror at an ocean of oncoming cars.

But I made it.

We took Lolli’s mom, Margaret to their cabin at Elger Bay on Camano Island.

Oh my! It’s so soothing to gaze out at the bay’s flat waters, the open sky and listen to the gentle lapping while the tides come in … and out; the sun came up and down. Ahhhhhh! My blood pressure’s dropping just thinking about it.


We threw balls for the dogs …

Ate picnic style …

Took walks on the beach …

Lit a big outdoor fire and contemplated the stars and planets (Jupiter) in their path across the sky. Everyone chilled. Lolli and I played LOTS of Scrabble. (She’s getting harder to beat with all this practice! We were probably tied in wins.)

I did some astronomy research on my return — to figure out just which way (and why) the stars were going. Here’s a short clip.

Google Earth even has a sky map now!

I came across this video of whales in the bay. Could have been taken from our cabin (but it wasn’t).


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Crab Season

I had no idea that my visit to see Lolli on Camano Island coinsided with the opening of crab season.  I’ve always loved crab but this is the freshest I’ve ever eaten it.

Here they are fresh off the boat.

The weather was  in the high 80’s — what I dubbed a “three umbrella day”.

When we weren’t catching crab or playing Scrabble we just gazed out at the tide coming in and out.

… or just watched the sky.

A storm came in on Saturday night, bringing clouds and color.

Lolli’s sister-in-law Sharon kept a bright fire going. Ahh summertime!

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Walking Elgers Bay

Again, this is a walk my friend Ron takes when he’s here. His wife Lolli’s family has a cabin on Elgers Bay in Camano Island.

Being the lone early riser, I took off for a Ron-style morning photo adventure. I got to see the morning light on the bay.

No mail for us weekenders.

This tree’s formation surely caught Ron’s eye.

These feral kittens were an unexpected photo event.

There were four in all that I saw. They appeared to be thriving although I never saw their mother.

I snapped this picture just after the mother crow (top) regurgitated into the waiting mouths of her offspring. This is crow country. Their population is so large that they are reviled as pests.


I believe this is Giant Hogweed (aka Cow Parsnip). It was over 6 feet high and the seed heads were the size of dinner plates.

Another unidentified roadside plant.

This one might be Red Elderberry.plant2(blog)

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