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Trial and Error

This is the first time I’ve grown tulips in the ground  …  from the raw bulbs in fall in the cold earth. I’m tickled with my haphazard success. I lost about half of what I planted out of ignorance. I now know bulbs are typically planted at a depth of about 3 times their size. (I thought the label said 9″ deep, whereas 6″ – 8″ would have sufficed.)

The deep purple tulips that were to accompany this ensemble never made it.

Photographing these little suckers is another matter entirely! My camera has a hard time deciphering just exactly what it is I want to focus on. The preview screen is really very poor for manual focus. (I use a Canon S5IS.) And then there is the question of all that overhead light.

Dewy mornings mitigate some of these issues — although the top of this tulip is still awash with too much light on top.

Oh, and did I mention backgrounds? I haven’t mastered the art of clipping masks in Photoshop. Moldy trellises and drab pavement are hard to overcome.

When all else fails I let loose and swing the dials in Photoshop to salvage what little I can from my efforts or block out a scuzzy background.

Okay, that’s too much. Here’s another try…

My neighbors have gotten used to the crazy lady who’s out in her yard at all hours in her bathrobe or otherwise hunched over her flowers. A better camera and lens might help my photos … but not my image. 😉

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